So it starts

Where will we be in ten years.

On October 1st 2017 someone opened fire on a crown of people at a country concert in Las Vegas. The motive is still unclear. Before bodies are in the ground the same voices are flooding tv shows and social media with their propaganda. This is a well thought out plan to convince less educated people that we would be collectively better if our society was gun free. How do you argue with that? If there were a mystical force that could magically round up all of the guns from criminals, there would infact be less shootings. But magic and sorcery aren’t real.

The popular belief is that technology and superior intelligence can fix any problem. The technology is in search engines that finish your thought for you, and advertisements that track you across the Internet. Does your kid need some motivation to read books? There’s an app for that. We have a microphone in our remote control that listens to what we say, and syncs to our phone and our car. But why can’t anyone figure out that not all problems are solved with technology and government. What do we do when society can no longer find the moral path. Or when there’s no fear of going to hell when you do something terrible.

The best thing to do is start connecting with your family and neighbors again. Try to think of all the things your elders tried to tell you, but you knew a better way. And finally, find a higher power. Something righteous that will put fear into you when it comes time to make the decision between right and wrong.

Prepare for the worst. This might have been an attack on conservatism. The five good Roman Emperors understood that facing a challenge starts by identifying your fears. This could be the first attack of many. There won’t be a battle field to fight on. Set your honor aside, we would need to win this one at all costs. One of the enemy groups is named: “By Any Means Necessary”.  And that’s how a war should be fought by us. Set aside courage and honor. We’re the ones who work and hold this country together, we need to win with the least amount of casualties on our side. No more casualties would be ideal. I understand that this is the worst case and we aren’t there yet; prepare for the worst.

We can’t lose this country, so now is the time to get all of our fears out. Start thinking about the worst.

And don’t be a Commodus.