My AR-15 is a Weapons of War

I’m not here to justify

Disarm your opponent by not allowing their emotion fueled argument to shift your values. Property rights are the most basic human right. Bastian expanded basic property rights with: ‘The Law‘. He identified liberty, property, and life as rights destroyed by political law. To keep with the times I found a meme talking about how the left is wrong for some reason because they identified a name wrong. The meme is a foolish argument. There is no place for discussion in what I want to call my defense of property. This politicizing would take rights away if the wrong term were used.

These rights aren’t up for discussion:ar-870-weaponwar


According to Bastiat, from property rights comes the right to own your own productivity, or liberty if we can agree that liberty is freedom from slavery. If someone were to force you to work and keep the output of your labor, you need an AR-15 or better until that force against you is gone. Once you have traded your work for a paycheck, you’re free to defend that paycheck in anyway you see fit.

Plunder and the Right to Live

And in addition to liberty, you may protect your land and other belongings. The rules of nature say only you will be the one to decide what property you require to stay alive. Anything else is plunder. Which leads to the last part of perversion of political law: you must be able to protect your life. So I would be giving up my basic rights if I were to say what the AR-15 is or isn’t to someone who would be taking it away.


Rights exist without government. They are the most essential needs to protect the natural requirements of life. I will keep my rifle and call it what I feel, to fight for my life.


Control with Coercion

The Constitution Protects us

You might believe that if we get enough people to buy a gun and learn how good the 2nd amendment is, we could fix the constitution. A conversion of people to the liberty minded mindset would liberate us all. Not realizing that liberty is freedom from slavery. In 1614 America, if you were an African slave or a native american, it would have been illegal to give you access to firearms. Even post revolution California had a law in 1854 that made selling firearms to “Indians” illegal. There’s a fundamental belief between slaves and free people. Even a slave can be free if they refuse to let a governor take their will. When you’re convinced we can fix the second amendment, you forget that it was a right that couldn’t be taken away. You’re attempting to get it back; you no longer have it.

But isn’t restoring the constitution an option? In 1777 the rule of law of the United States was not the constitution as we have it now. The patriots would have revolted if the current constitution came right away. It took until 1788 before three used car salesmen wrote the Federalist papers.  There was resistance. I wish resistance had succeeded.

The purpose of government is to stay out of the way. I don’t want third party help with my issues at the cost of putting someone else out. When government doesn’t exist, everyone gets equal government. The constitution either didn’t work (or was successful),  we in no way have a limited government.

Every law has an unintended consequence

Every new law grants legitimacy to government power. Yet new laws increase society’s dependence on a collective moral decision. When law creates a situation where the answer to a societal issue is law, society can no longer function without more governing.

A law to control society is admission that society has failed under government; that we can no longer trust our selves to do the right thing. Any legislation you support is admitting that you don’t trust your self, or the people around you. You and the people around you have been given guidance by the government for your entire life, through schools, legal systems, and politics. And would collectively vote what new legislation you accept, through a political party, as you couldn’t control yourself on your own terms. Since you can’t be trusted to do the right thing on your own terms, what makes you think voting will magically give you a vision of a good personal decision? That’s what you have been fooled into believing.


To be free again you must set your emotions aside and question everything the government does because politics is a means of coercion. Limited government can never work. The answer to society’s problems comes from within the individual.

A Plan to Kill Anyone You Meet

The flag of the United States of America is held sacred by all patriots of this great country. What does a flag represent? Early America had the British Flag, the French Flag, The Dutch Flag, and in some parts the Spanish Flag. Yet from 1604 on, the people in the British charters and colonies were ready for a new symbol to represent their interests. Out of rebellion arose a liberty pole. This striped pole might later influence the American flag, yet the core meaning of the two symbols can’t be confused.

Freedom and liberty should go together, yet we can think of freedom in Iraq, where a US coalition liberated Iraqi’s and gave them Democracy. Liberty is freedom from government. I fail to see how a government’s coalition force can bring liberty to people in another land. Liberty must come from within an individual.

So can a flag representing a collective group of people under the sudo person of a nation stand for liberty?

My answer: We can only have “liberty and justice for all” when no government is set to protect it’s own rights and interests. This so called justice system is designed to support it’s own weight, through restitution paid not to the victim, but to the courts. This perversion of law makes everyone a collective victim but the the individual remains as the criminal.

When liberty is freedom from government and no one can have that freedom, who would honestly say a pledge of allegiance to a flag that represents government?

In North Korea the answer is obvious. If you don’t stand for the national anthem, you’ll end up disappeared. And in America: through coercion we’ve gone from discussing freedom from government, while standing next to the liberty pole, to worshiping our symbol of government.

So to paraphrase a neo-con saying: be kind, be polite, but have a plan to kill your own government

So it starts

Where will we be in ten years.

On October 1st 2017 someone opened fire on a crown of people at a country concert in Las Vegas. The motive is still unclear. Before bodies are in the ground the same voices are flooding tv shows and social media with their propaganda. This is a well thought out plan to convince less educated people that we would be collectively better if our society was gun free. How do you argue with that? If there were a mystical force that could magically round up all of the guns from criminals, there would infact be less shootings. But magic and sorcery aren’t real.

The popular belief is that technology and superior intelligence can fix any problem. The technology is in search engines that finish your thought for you, and advertisements that track you across the Internet. Does your kid need some motivation to read books? There’s an app for that. We have a microphone in our tv remote that will listen to what we say, and syncs to our phone and our car. But why can’t anyone figure out that not all problems are solved with technology and government. What do we do when society can no longer find the moral path. Or when there’s no fear of going to hell when you do something terrible.

The best thing to do is start connecting with your family and neighbors again. Try to think of all the things your elders tried to tell you, but you thought you knew a better way. And finally, find a higher power. Something righteous that will put fear into you when it comes time to make the decision between right and wrong.

Prepare for the worst. Las Vegas might have been a rhyme of one of the attacks in the 1850’s leading up to the civil war. The five good Roman Emperors understood that facing a challenge starts by identifying your fears. This could be the first attack of many. There won’t be a battle field to fight on. Set your honor aside, we would need to win this one at all costs. One of the enemy groups is named: “By Any Means Necessary”.  And that’s how a war should be fought by us. Set aside courage and honor. We’re the ones who value freedom from being governed, we need to win with the least amount of casualties on our side. No more casualties would be ideal. I understand that this is the worst case and we aren’t there yet; prepare for the worst.

Start thinking about what a failed state of America would look like.

Start connecting with the natural environment.

And don’t be a Commodus.